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A Quick Update - Matching Donation Opportunity for Worthy Leaders

We are nearing 40% of our support goal and praying that our full support need would be completed by December 7.

We wanted you to be informed of a great opportunity that is before us. Between now and December 7, 2018 -- any monthly or annual donation will be matched dollar for dollar (or doubled) by a group of generous partners!

This means a monthly commitment of $100/month would become $200/month. A special gift of $500 this fall would be doubled to $1000!

Would you prayerfully consider making a monthly commitment or annual contribution to have your donation doubled? 


We are so thankful for this "matching donations" opportunity!  
If you are able to make a financial commitment between now and December 7, 2018-- your giving will be doubled!

You can join our ministry team and have your donations matched dollar for dollar![Example: $100/month becomes $200/month; $500 special gift becomes $1000]

    1. Make a monthly commitment of $100 /month or some other amount.

    2. Make a special donation for this Fall.
    3. Complete the online giving info (linked below) by December 7, 2018. 

We cannot move into this new season of mentorship without a team of partners! We need you and other partners to join us by praying for this work and giving financially to invest in next generation leaders.
In partnership with Reliant Mission, we are receiving tax deductible donations* to Reliant Mission for the work of the Cottons and Worthy Leaders.

Will you join our team to PRAY and GIVE between NOW and December 7?

For those who may not have heard...

Worthy Leaders - Mentorship for Emerging Leaders

Many young men and women (age 25-35) face problems like -- access to endless information and online experts, yet feeling stuck, and asking “how do I get from where I am to a place of truly making a difference?" "How do I  fulfill God’s purposes in my life?”  This next generation is highly talented and gifted, yet many wonder, "Am I really 'good enough' or do I have what it takes to make a lasting difference?

It is simply NOT OK for this next generation of young leaders to go it alone without a coach or mentor!  When asked, these highly skilled and competent 25-35 year olds long for a trusted, wiser mentor!

Since we began our ministry journey (35 years ago), Diann and I have focused on the generation coming up behind us.  We believed then, and still believe now that we are called to turn around and see the generation coming behind us – to invest in them that they might know God, and in turn, declare Him to their generation!  We have tasted the joy of having mentors in our lives... older and wiser adults to look up to and to follow.

We are starting Worthy Leaders to offer Mentorship to this next generation.  

We envision a host of young adult leaders equipped and sent out to serve and lead “filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;” --Colossians 1:9-10 ESV

Learn More About Worthy Leaders

On a Personal Note:

  • Catherine had a successful "Silobration" experience in Waco and has been invited back for a special "Christmas at the Silos" event Dec. 7-8, 2018.

  • Amy and Cory (and our whole family) are preparing for twin babies... scheduled to arrive Nov. 27th if not sooner!

Please PRAY with us:

  • For us to continue to connect and to build strong community in Dallas.  

  • For God to provide a ministry support team for this new work by December 7th!

  • For God to lead us to those He wants us to mentor in this new ministry to young adults!  We currently have 4 couples and 3 singles that we have already started coaching.  

  • For Amy's health and the health of the babies due in late November! 

Please provide us your best contact info (click below) to get updates and prayer requests!

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*We ask that any commitments to giving towards the Cottons and mentoring the next generation, would please be "in addition to" your current commitments to your local church and ministries.
Thank you!